An Unexpected Turn – TJ Fox

Name: An Unexpected Turn – TJ Fox
Format: epub
Size: 757.76 KB

Title: An Unexpected Turn
Author: TJ Fox
Language: English
Year: 2019
Subjects: N/A
Publisher: TJ Fox
ISBN: B07Q1K6G38
Total pages: 272

"When I take a good look at my reflection, I’m surprised that the face looking back at me in the mirror doesn’t look different than the one I’ve seen staring back at me for the last 27 years. I see the same brown hair and brown eyes, the same heart-shaped face, the same upturned nose. I feel like I should look different. That my face should show the upheaval and the weight of the last day, that it should somehow show how much has happened, how the course of my life has changed, but everything is still the same."
Life is rarely ever predictable. It is rarely even kind. But. sometimes. just sometimes, those unexpected turns that throw you into the chaos and upheaval of loss lead you to the exact place you need to be.
This is a story about love, but it isn’t a romance. It is about holding on when it would be easier to let go, about fighting for those that can’t fight for themselves. It is about finding and creating family through the unpredictable,…

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