Entrepreneur Middle East November 2020

Name: Entrepreneur Middle East November 2020
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Title: OIL CRISIS OF APRIL 2020 A BID TO KILL THE AMERICAN OIL INDUSTRY?: Saudi vs Russia price war raging on. No matter who wins, the American working class and taxpayers will undoubtedly lose.
Language: English
Year: 2020
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Saudi vs. Russia price war raging on. No matter who wins, the American working class and taxpayers will undoubtedly lose!
This is a long time coming; the current crisis is just making it faster than expected. The signs were there for years, but surprisingly none, but the Saudis seem to have any plans. Every oil-producing country on earth is more eager to kill the golden egg-producing duck for a quick buck rather than nurturing it for the long term.
The current crisis is showing us our vulnerability and how unprepared we are. Now we are rushing towards a quick solution where there might be none. If we don’t learn even now and stop chasing the golden egg-producing duck with a hacksaw, we can kiss goodbye to thousands, if not millions of jobs and economic growth around the world.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this book…

  • Oiil Market Under Covid
  • Prologue of the WAR
  • Oil War Participents
  • Saudi Might
  • Russian Resistence
  • USA Shale Industry
  • Roadkills of the War
  • American Muscle Power
  • Plus much, much more!

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. After every boom, there is a crisis. After every crisis, there is a boom. We embrace the growth, reap the rewards, and act like it’s never gonna end.
But it has shown time and time again; it will end. And it will end in a crisis. Despite being inevitable and showing major signs that it WILL come, no one seems to be prepared for it or try to prevent it before it hits.
The oil boom came from the rapid industrial growth of China and Europe, mainly China. So after years, when it has inevitably gone slow, like every boom is supposed to, oil production needed to get slow or put under some control.
Instead of doing that, everyone jumped on the chance, like there was no tomorrow. And credit where credit is due, OPEC did try to keep the business profitable. Every other party just tries to reap the rewards and inevitably bringing a crisis on themselves.
Some countries are going to get hit hard, and most of them didn’t even prepare a safety net to fall back on something else. Most parties involved didn’t prepare for the crisis, and they didn’t do anything to save the business either.
Everyone killed the duck rather than being patient and wait for the golden egg.
Now even with insider info and expert predictions and opinions, no one knows what’s going to happen precisely.
But still, some things can be said with confidence, countries without a backup plan are going to get screwed and U.S.A. shale industry and the thousands of jobs depending on it is going to take a significant hit. How big a hit it would be and how bad it’s going to be for everyone will rely on the events of the next few months and how U.S. leadership handles the issue.

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