Float Like A Butterfly, Drink Mint Tea – How I Quit Everything

Float like a Butterfly, Drink Mint Tea

As an alcoholic, drug-addicted comedian with tendencies to over-indulge and under-achieve since he was a teenager, Alex Wood was on track for to achieve his greatest goals: to die young and drunk. At the age of twenty-eight, feeling desperate in the face of addiction and associated health problems (ulcers, pancreatitis)-which were compounded by the deaths of loved ones and even worse undiagnosed issues-he decided to do something he’d actually been doing all his life: fight.
Alex concocted a plan to quit not only alcohol and drugs, but everything else that he felt was holding him back: cigarettes, caffeine, red meat, dairy, sugar, social media, smartphones, porn, credit cards, nail-biting, social media, and gossip. His biggest weapons? A pair of boxing gloves and plenty of peppermint tea. But as Alex soon learned, people don’t change overnight, and sobriety isn’t a linear journey; there’s heartbreak, relapses, and abuse along the way, but there’s also love,…

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