How To Be An F1 Driver Jenson Button

Name: How To Be An F1 Driver Jenson Button
Format: epub
Size: 5.76 MB

Title: How to Be an F1 Driver
Author: Jenson Button
Language: English
Year: 2019

Publisher: Blink Publishing

Total pages: N/A

In his 17 years as a Formula 1 driver, Jenson Button has picked up a thing or two about how to do the job properly. Sure, you need to be able to drive a car fast – and Jenson is on hand to pass on a few tricks of the trade here – but you also need to know the real rules for making it to the top.
Like, how to tell a multiple F1 champion they need to check their blind-spot. What the difference is between a helmet and a hat, and indeed a ‘helmet-hat’. How to practise your champagne spray ahead of the big day. Why it is never, ever, under any circumstances a good idea to buy a yacht. And how to face down your team when you’ve just stacked their multi-million-pound car into a wall during practice.
But ‘JB’ (nicknames in F1 run the full range from initials to, well, just using first names) doesn’t stop there. HTBAF1D (catchy) lifts the lid on the people, the places, the weird rituals, the…

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