How to Start an Online Business – Create a Business Around Your Lifestyle

Name: How to Start an Online Business – Create a Business Around Your Lifestyle
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Title: How to Start an Online Business: Create a Business Around Your Lifestyle
Author: Emilie Pelletier
Language: English
Year: 2016
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Total pages: 230


Is being an employee eating your soul?
You really wish you could be your own boss.
You would like more flexibility in organizing your life.
And you have understood that this could all be possible with an online business.
But you probably don’t know where to start.
How to start your own business?

How to Start an Online Business – A Step-by-Step Guide
This is the most comprehensive and practical book on the topic. It will take you step-by-step through the different aspects you should consider in order to increase your chances of success when starting an online business:
1. Understand the business models online;
2. Design your desired lifestyle;
3. Find a business topic;
4. Choose a profitable niche market and research your audience;
5. Define your brand and create your website;
6. Build your email list and drive traffic to your website;
7. Decide on a monetization method and set a price on your offer;
8. Learn to be persuasive;
9. Conduct tests;
10. Delegate and outsource to grow your business.

There are many ways to start a business online:
• Monetizing a blog;
• Creating and selling products or services (eBooks, courses and trainings, consulting, etc.);
• Selling others’ product through their affiliate program;
• Conducting webinars and other live events online, etc.
Several online business ideas are tackled in the book.

Why Starting an Online Business?
With the Internet, becoming your own boss has never been so simple. You don’t need:
• A huge capital investment;

• To quit your current job;
• To put yourself at risk financially;
• To hire and manage employees (that’s the whole concept of “solopreneurship”).

Start working on your business today
I sincerely wish you great success in your online business journey.

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