Krochmalski Docker And Kubernetes For Java Developers 2017

Name: Krochmalski Docker And Kubernetes For Java Developers 2017
Format: pdf
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Title: Docker and Kubernetes for Java Developers
Author: Krochmalski, Jaroslaw;
Language: English
Year: 2017
Subjects: N/A
Publisher: Packt Publishing; 1st edition
ISBN: B0753H1KR5
Total pages: 317


Key Features

  • Master using Docker and Kubernetes to build, deploy and manage Java applications in a jiff
  • Learn how to create your own Docker image and customize your own cluster using Kubernetes
  • Empower the journey from development to production using this practical guide.

Book Description
Imagine creating and testing Java EE applications on Apache Tomcat Server or Wildfly Application server in minutes along with deploying and managing Java applications swiftly. Sounds too good to be true? But you have a reason to cheer as such scenarios are only possible by leveraging Docker and Kubernetes.
This book will start by introducing Docker and delve deep into its networking and persistent storage concepts. You will then proceed to learn how to refactor monolith application into separate services by building an application and then packaging it into Docker containers. Next, you will create an image containing Java Enterprise Application and later run it using Docker. Moving on, the book will focus on Kubernetes and its features and you will learn to deploy a Java application to Kubernetes using Maven and monitor a Java application in production. By the end of the book, you will get hands-on with some more advanced topics to further extend your knowledge about Docker and Kubernetes.

What you will learn

  • Package Java applications into Docker images
  • Understand the running of containers locally
  • Explore development and deployment options with Docker
  • Integrate Docker into Maven builds
  • Manage and monitor Java applications running on Kubernetes clusters
  • Create Continuous Delivery pipelines for Java applications deployed to Kubernetes

About the Author
Jaroslaw Krochmalski is a passionate software designer and developer who specializes in the financial business domain. He has over 12 years’ experience in software development. He is a clean-code and software craftsmanship enthusiast. He is a Certified Scrum Master and a fan of Agile. His professional interests include new technologies in web application development, design patterns, enterprise architectures, and integration patterns.
He has been designing and developing software professionally since 2000 and has been using Java as his primary programming language since 2002. In the past, he worked for companies such as Kredyt Bank (KBC) and Bank BPS on many large-scale projects such as international money orders, express payments, and collection systems. He currently works as a consultant at Danish company 7N as an infrastructure architect for the Nykredit bank. You can reach him via Twitter at @jkroch or by e-mail at [email protected].

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Networking And Persistent Storage
  • Working with microservices
  • Creating Java microservices
  • Creating Images with Java Applications
  • Running containers with Java Applications
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Using Kubernetes with Java
  • Working with Kubernetes API
  • Deploying Java on Kubernetes in the Cloud
  • More Resources

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