Mature Muscle Ultimate Training Manual To Build Muscle Over 40

Name: Mature Muscle Ultimate Training Manual To Build Muscle Over 40
Format: pdf
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Title: Mature Muscle: Ultimate Training Manual to Build Muscle over 40
Author: Wisdom Authority Publishing
Language: English
Year: 2020
Subjects: N/A
Publisher: N/A
Total pages: 42

It used to be unimaginable that someone past the age of 40 could create a body virtually indistinguishable from that of someone in their 20s. But paging through any bodybuilding magazine today will reveal it’s not just possible, but relatively common. Only recently has it begun to sink into people’s consciousness that building a healthy, attractive and robust body has little to do with chronological age, and is achievable well past the age of 40.

To a large extent, most people let their age govern the way they eat, think, work, and move. The thought of getting older might keep you from being the healthiest person you can be, but all this is about to change now. By choosing to read this book, you have taken the first step towards improved health and vitality.
This "Mature Muscle" training manual is specially written for you- seniors who believe that there’s no other answer to aging than to embrace it. Perhaps, your inactive or mildly active lifestyle and age are holding you back from starting a strength training program. But we will help you explore strength training options that will not only improve your muscle mass and strength but will also help you improve your balance and bone health.
This book will cover key topics including,
-The power of strength training over 40
-How to get motivated
-How to select the equipment that best suits you
-How to design a strength training program
-The best strength training exercises for seniors
-A one week strength training manual you can adopt

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