NUDE Magazine – Issue 10 – May 2020

Name: NUDE Magazine – Issue 10 – May 2020
Format: pdf
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Title: Rascal (magazine), vol. 10, no. 10 (whole no. 76) (May 1973) (Special Nude Movie Issue) (Elke Sommer, Paola Pitagora, Rita Calderoni, Eve Whishaw, Krista Karlsen)
Author: Camerarts Publishing Company
Language: English
Year: 1972
Subjects: N/A
Publisher: Camerarts Publishing Company
Total pages: 170

On the front cover: "Special Nude Movie Issue," "One Dollar," "No. 76," "Allied."

On the back cover: "Next month in Rascal: Elke Sommer, Telly Savalas & Sylva Koscina in The Devil & the Dead" (with nude photo of Elke Sommer).

Contents: " Almost Like Earth" (with nude photos) ("The well-stacked girls were eager for services only a man can offer-"); " The Virgin Witch" (with nude photos of Vickie Michelle, Ann Michelle, etc.); " Loving Feeling" (with nude photos) ("Of all the young girls in his life, Carol is the only one who can kindle that ‘loving feeling’ in Stevee, one of London’s top disc jockeys"); " The Erotic Housewife" (w/nude photos of Marsha Jordan etc.) ("Why aren’t more wives out for the sensual scene?"); " Secretary’s Party: An Old Erotic Yarn with a New Twist"; " Closest of Kin" (w/nude photos) ("’Down home pleasure’ counts for a lot among the mountain folk-even when they try to make it in the big city"); "Film Comix" (w/nude photos); " Primal Pleasure" (w/nude photos) ("To a large extent, we are prisoners of our own sexual fantasies, & ‘Primal Pleasure’ leaves no fantasy untouched"); " Gregory’s Delight" (w/nude photos, incl. color centerfold); " The True & the False" (w/nude photos) ("Martin Balsam & Terence Hill match wits in a courtroom drama that co-stars jealous Paola Pitagora & love-hungry Rita Calderoni" (directed by Eriprando Visconti)); " Suburban Wives" (w/nude photos of Eve Whishaw etc.) ("A fast-paced documentary-style overview pulls no punches in revealing what goes on in the suburbs as ‘9 to 5 widows’ stay at home-& still score!"); " The Snow Bunnies" (w/nude photos); " Strangers" (w/nude photos); " One Swedish Summer" (w/nude photos) ("A Swedish ‘Summer of ’42’"); " Easy Virtue" (w/nude photos of Krista Karlsen etc.); " Touch Me" (with Dr. Lloyd Davis etc.); " Keys" (dir. by George Tillman)

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