Restoring Your Intestinal Flora – The Key To Digestive Wellness

Restoring Your Intestinal Flora

Easy techniques for rebuilding good gut health, strengthening the immune system, and reducing inflammation
• Examines the many functions of your intestinal flora and their role in a healthy immune system, including their anti-inflammatory effects
• Explores the major causes of weakened flora, especially the overuse of antibiotics and the overconsumption of refined, low-fiber foods in the modern diet
• Details how to restore your flora after taking antibiotics and how to strengthen your flora with prebiotics, probiotics, and simple changes in eating and drinking habits
Our intestinal flora perform a large number of duties-far more than just aiding digestion. Recent research has revealed that our intestinal flora help fight off infections by killing microbes and viruses, increase our resistance to allergens and inflammation, cleanse our internal systems by neutralizing toxins, and even support our moods and energy levels by interacting with…

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