The Maker’s Field Guide

English | 213 pages | pdf | 19.57 MB

The Maker Movement represents a dramatic shift towards the democratization of design, engineering, education, jobs and manufacturing. Advancements in new technologies such as desktop 3d printing and CNC machining are now putting powerful tools that were once only available to large institutions like NASA in the hands of millions of creators worldwide. This rapid pace of disruption is creating a paradigm shift like no other in history, opening up many new opportunities for independent makers and entrepreneurs that were once unimaginable.

The Maker’s Field Guide has been written as the first and only resource of its kind – demystifying almost every single tool, technology, and technique involved in the process of building professional quality prototypes for use in design, engineering, product development, special effects, or Kickstarter campaigns. Written by acclaimed industrial designer Christopher Armstrong, this book is the by-product of over a decade of practical, hands-on experience honed directly in the field of advanced research & development.

Relying on the latest scientific methods and STEM practices from around the world, it delivers a comprehensive understanding on the use of manual "old-school" tools of the trade, as well as "new-school" state-of-the-art technologies; featuring real-world case studies by top industry professionals in all areas of design, engineering, and film-making today.


  • 22+ State-of-the-Art Shop Machines, including safety best practices.
  • 20+ Hand Tools, including tool customization tricks used by the most elite makers & designers worldwide.
  • 18+ Common material types.
  • 80+ Industry-Standard suppliers guide, including machinery, shop tools, and materials (and where to buy).
  • 52+ Pro tips – insights from professionals at the top of their industries, developed through a decade of trial, error, and real-world industry experience.
  • High-End Work Shop & Makerspace design, build, and customization tips from the Pros.


  • RTV Silicone Molding & Casting
  • Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Composites
  • CNC Machining / CAD + CAM Prototyping
  • 3D Printing & Laser Cutting
  • Industrial Clay & Foam Modeling Techniques
  • Bondo™ / Automotive Body Filler Modeling
  • Spray Painting & Sanding
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Lifecasting & Prosthetics

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